Waterhole #3

- I can see that.
- Whose horse you looking for?

Mine was pulled up lame yesterday...
and I'm heading out for a long ride
and looking for a good horse.

I ain't in the horse business, friend.
The best horse in the whole county...
is in a barn over at the other side
of Lone Tree Fork.

Belongs to the Sheriff here.
Ain't that right, John?

If you're talking about old Blue,
he ain't for sale.

Toppy kind, eh? Good rein on him?
Best damn rein in the county.
He ain't for sale, that's all.

See, if he ain't for sale, what that means
is that he ain't gonna sell him to you.

Ain't that right, John?
Good size, too?
He's the tallest, the strongest,
the fastest, and the ain't for sale-est.

What the hell?
Say, that there's my "Out to Lunch" sign
and I ain't out to lunch.

In the cell, boys. Come on.
He's the one that's
on the poster outside, ain't that right?

Hold them up now.
Lewton Cole, a criminal.
Ain't that right, John? That's him.
- What's this mean, Cole?
- So I'll know where you're at.

- Where's the keys?
- Wait a minute.

If you think you're gonna lock me
in my own zoo, you're badly mistaken.

A set of keys is a small thing
to die over, don't you think?

- I don't remember where them keys are.
- He does remember.

That's what he meant to say.
They're right over there on the hat rack.

Thank you, Deputy.
Now, you're in a lot of trouble
and I'm warning you...

if you do a thing like this,
I ain't gonna show you no mercy.

Take off your clothes, Sheriff.
- Do what?
- Take off your clothes.

You mean you want for us
to take off everything that we got on?

Down to the last single stitch.
Put them in nice, neat little piles
right there on the floor.