Waterhole #3

- What's that?
- My old outfit.

Bye, now.
Our gold?
Shoemaker, get the mule.
We're through with him, ain't we?
Now you think a minute.
We let him go in Mexico.
- Right.
- Right.

As we say in the Cavalry:
Without a horse, a man's afoot.

You make a man fever
You make a man bold
Sweet yellow, sweet tangerine gold
And there was this $20 bill
with a bunch of doodling on it.

I didn't know what it was...
until old Quinlen made it important
by not letting me go without a shootout.

Yeah, so you went
and sneaked off a shot at him.

Never would've met you if I hadn't.
Let's try to get our legs up.

You ran out of town
and let yourself get accused of murder.

What'd you do that for?
I don't know. I guess I was...
I was just in a hurry to see what
this man was so willing to die over.

Let's get up.
The way it will work out,
you're gonna be a hero, I suppose...

and I'm gonna be the town jackass.
Don't worry,
we'll figure out a story for you.

Will you get your damn finger out from
under there so I can get under the knot?

- How's that?
- No.

What're you doing?
- Billee!
- Hello, there.