Waterhole #3

Well, now, look at that.
That's something
you don't see every day.

Two big men, way out in the middle
of the desert playing grapple-finger.

Hey, you cut out that smart talk
and get over here and cut us loose!

You get over here and cut us loose now!
That's an order!

What do you mean by...
And this one's for you.
True love was never rosy.
I wish you hadn't done that.
I hope that makes you feel better.
You get over here
and you cut us loose now.

Look, where you going?
To find me some Indians
or some red fire ants!

Now watch your words.
She's a woman, she might do it.

You're the kid with all the words.
What do I tell her?

- Tell her she's pretty.
- You're pretty, Billee!

You got to be honest, John.
I'm being honest. Now, Billee, really!
You're very good-looking up there
when you're mad that way!

Now, Billee, listen to me.
Now listen, see reason.

Billee, now, I promise you this man,
but I gotta have him first!

Now you see that, don't you? It's a point
of honour, it's my bounden duty!

Listen to me!
Now I know I'm a fool and a sinner,
but I...

It's only your old dad here
you'd be turning loose if you did it.

She's coming, John. You did good.
That's fine, Billee. That's my girl.
Now, Cole, have you got
a knife somewhere?

I have. In my pocket, right there.
- Now...
- No, I'm not uncut yet.

Give me the knife, Billee.
Here now, just hold onto that gun.