Week End

What are you thinking?
Is Roland getting suspicious?
He gives me funny looks at times

No, I let him screw me sometimes,
so he thinks I love him

Don't phone here again,
it's dangerous

The row was someone hitting a bloke
who'd broken their headlamp

I thought he was dead, for a moment
Yes, it would have been nice
if it was her

No, the money first
Listen, I always say that
because I love you

I've got to go careful, after
the sleeping pills and the gas

She's stupid, but she'll catch on
sooner or later

The main thing is for her dad
to pop off

When Corinne's got the money
we'll settle her

Sure I love you
You're my splendid bitch,
you know that

Till Monday, then
When was it, then?
Tuesday... Tuesday after
the swimming-pool