Week End

- Are you deaf?
- Are you blind?

Robbed in Los Angeles,
where one trades in dreams...

...I concealed the theft, committed
by an immigrant such as I...

...a reader of my poems...
...as I feared the deed might be
observed by... animals, let us say

- Thank you, Miss Brontë
- Not at all, love

Excuse me, but...
Which way is Oinville?
Poetical information or
physical information?

We only want to know
which way to Oinville

Physics does not yet exist, only
individual physical sciences, perhaps

What a rotten film, all we meet
are crazy people

It's your own fault.
Take it or leave it

Perhaps fate knows everything and
only appears to mishandle things

Hesitatingly, it gives seven years of
happiness, then takes back two

- Thank you, Emily
- Not at all, love

Mademoiselle, please!
- What is this?
- A pebble