You Only Live Twice

Number One, take her up to 90ft.
Course zero four five.

Aye aye, sir.
- Hello, Penny.
- You'd better go right in.

You're late as usual,
even from your own funeral.

We corpses have no sense of timing.
In you go... sir.
Thank you... ma'am.
- Sit down, 007.
- Thank you, sir.

- No ill effects?
- None at all, sir.

Now you're dead, perhaps some of your
old friends will pay less attention to you.

Give you more elbow room.
You'll need it, too.

This is the big one, 007. That's why
I'm out here. You're fully briefed?

Yes, but there's one thing
I don't understand.

If our Singapore tracking
station is correct

about the rocket not landing
in Russia, where did it land?

We assume it's Japan.
All this is guesswork,

but the PM wants us to play it
with everything we've got.

- And the aerial reconnaissance?
- All photographed. Nothing.

Are the Japanese equipped
to launch such a rocket?

- We don't think so.
- Then who else is?

That's what you've got to
find out, and fast.

Before the real shooting starts.
This damn thing could blow up
into a full-scale war.

When you get to Tokyo,
go to that name and address.

Our man Henderson
will contact you there.

- Henderson.
- Captain here. Full ahead.

- That's all.
- Thank you, sir.

- 007.
- Sir?

We've only three weeks
to the next American launch.

- You know that?
- Yes, sir.

My sources tell me the Russians
are planning one even earlier.

- So move fast, 007.
- Yes, sir.