Don't look too good, does it, Bishop?
Roscoe, go open up the cells. Cort...
:03:12 and Hawkins
help me cover them.

If one of them even spits,
blow his head off.

I need a doctor.
- You ain't hurt. Move!

They shot Nathan Stoner
and killed one of my clerks.

Get your hands up.
John, get Doc Curtis over here
right away.

Bishop, you and one other
in that first cell on the right.

- In there, old man.

I figured you'd hit me a turn
one of these days, Bishop.

When they write about you...
...they'll call Val Verde
your end of the line.

Well, I've never seen anything so bad
that a little money or talk can't settle.

You can talk till you're blue
in the face if you've a mind to.

I'm a different kind of sheriff
than you've been used to.

- What's that supposed to mean?
- Means you can't beg, borrow, steal...

:04:30, break or pray
your way out of my jail.

Nathan Stoner just died.
Roscoe, you men search them
and take their gun belts.

All right, let me have them.