Give me a Rosebud, will you?
Coming up.

Say, have you heard about any jobs
to be had around San Anton?

No, and a hundred others have asked
me the same thing since sundown.

Uh-huh. Who do I see about
getting a cot tonight?

- Me, if you got 50 cents.
- Fifty?

The sign over there says
25 cents for a cot.

That's when things are slow.
50 cents, take what you can find.

- It's kind of steep.
- No laughing, no talking...

:08:37 singing, no drinking
and no snoring and no spitting.

Right through that door,
and don't step on anyone.

I wanna bed down the horse.
Is there a livery handy?

Across the street.
He charges 60 cents.

Well, that seems fair enough.
Seems to me like you could stand
a good scrubbing yourself.

Water washes away
a man's protection...

...lets miseries into his body,
and I'm too old to take chances.