If what you're saying's true,
you're the best-protected man in town.

Well, I ain't sick, never been sick
and don't intend to be sick. Next!

Now, if you're gonna shave,
I'll fill a pan...

...but if you ain't, I won't.
- Fill the pan.

They tell me you're a hangman.
They told you right, friend.

Left Oklahoma City three weeks ago
and headed for Val Verde, Texas.

This'll be one of the biggest jobs
I've had in years:

The Bishop gang.
Judge found them guilty as sin.
Sentenced them to hang
high as a Georgia pine.

Good for the state of Texas too
when they're out of the way.

- How many did they catch?
They killed one, caught five.

Ex-Quantrill men, mostly.
Leastways, Bishop is.

Be the first Texans I ever hung.
I plan to enjoy it.
Hey, bring my clothes over here,
will you?

- Ain't you gonna shave?
- No.

What in the worid...?
Can't make up their mind.
I can't stand it...

...I've gotta keep this place

A fella can't even make up his mind...