Oh, yes, sir.
A scared man who's crying
and praying and shaking...

...and moving around is
harder to send to his maker...

...than one who's decided
to just stand there and take it.

Why, I had a subject last year...
...took me an hour
just to get him up off his knees.

- Is that a fact?
- That's a fact.

You can't hang a subject
when he's on his knees.

It just don't look right.
And I'll tell you one more thing.
When you select a rope...

- What are you looking at?
- You tell me.

- Hey, Robbie.

I got a young boy here
who's worried about his future.

Yeah. I reckon he is at that too.
I hope to God that they don't dump
himself and myself in the same hole.

I have enough explaining to do up there
without having him along.

Fine pair of lookouts,
you and your pop.

Let me tell you something, Bishop...
...I've been on the wrong side
of the law for over 40 years...

...and I ain't been in jail long enough
to soften up a chaw of tobacco.

I ride out with you, and here I am
watching them build my own gallows.

Well, everybody else has had their say.
What about you?

It don't look too good, does it?