- That's nobody but my brother.
Your brother?

Mace, this is Pop Chaney.
That's his young fine son back there
who's studying for the ministry.

Babe Jenkins.
- Robbie O'Hare.

Mrs. Stoner.
You all right, Mrs. Stoner?
- Hey, you!
- Pop.

Apologize for what happened to you,
Mrs. Stoner.

You can go home in the morning.
Mrs. Stoner goes home
when I say she goes home...

...and she ain't going home
in the morning, Mace.

When I ain't got no blood-in-the-eye
posse running up my backside...

...then she can do what she wants.
Until then, she stays.

So you never harmed
a woman or a child, huh?

She's harmed? She ain't harmed.
You sure put her in a good position.
I'd like to have my gun back, Dee.
Still picking up after your brother.
Mama would be proud of that.

Seen Mama lately?
Not since the funeral.
Mama's dead?
I buried her six weeks to the day
after Appomattox.

It was raining.
- She didn't suffer?
- Only in her mind.

- Because of me, you mean.
- You're the one who said that.