I killed her. That's what you mean.
You never did her any good, Dee.
That's what I mean.

The day she found
you joined Quantrill...

...she started going downhill
for the last time.

And when you fellows burnt
Lawrence, Kansas...

...after that, she never spoke
another word. She just...

...sat by the fire...
...and didn't say anything.
Hey, Robbie. Here's a mama for you.
One boy goes with Quantrill,
the other goes with Sherman.

One helps burn down a town,
the other helps burn down a state.

The one that burned the town
is the one that done in his mama.

Sherman was war, Dee.
Quantrill was meanness.
Well, what about this big sheriff
and his bunch?

Think he's gonna cross the border?
A South Texas sheriff who once
rode with Nathan Bedford Forrest.

A man who was made a fool of
in his own town.

He'll cross it.