Dom kallar oss mods

Don't you have 25 ├Âre?
She had knickers on.
Hi brothers and sisters!
Got any money, you open wallet.
You seen my broad today?
What are you doing now?
We're waiting for some stuff.
-What are you gonna do with it.
-What do you think?

-Gonna chew? No. She's gonna shoot.
-We'll drink.

-We've stopped turning on now.
-Have you?

We haven't for a week now.
That's why you're
so funny today, huh?

Do you know what's funny?
It's you who are funny, huh?

Because you're always turning on.
You'll burn your brain out.

We're really great now,
like a new robot...

It's not cool to hang around here.
Yeah, but where should we go?
Booze, that's the way!
Remember summer...

You were talking all the time,
now you're like an old cactus.

An old mescaline cactus.
Come on, Stoffe.
No, that was just a joke.

What are you looking at?
Oh, go to hell!

If you had your own crapper, boy,
it should look like this.