Dom kallar oss mods

Yeah, wild - and on the ceiling
the coolest broads in gold.

And the walls should be
big aquariums

with groovy fish, those broads
with the ones who swim...

-Yeah, we're the best.
-Let's wash, I'm so damn dirty.

I just have to cut my nails.
Got a scissors?

Well, I can wash anyway.
Nowthey'll say: You can't stand
here and vandalize!

Those damn guards
are out of their minds.

You got a scissors?
No. Go out and lift one, mother.
I don't know if I have
any butts on me.

-Got any matches, pig?

I don't either, so let's wait.
Are you all done?
No, I've got to dry first.
Now I can dare to show myself
among all the capitalists out here.

Pull it down!
No, I can't fit in with those who are
only interested in cars and football

and when the liquor stores are open.