Dom kallar oss mods

Everybody else was doing it, too.
They were all putting me down,
like I was a Negro.

All I did was run around
buying beer and sandwiches

and sweep out their damn darkroom,
so I quit.

Now I don't work at all.
In school you didn't know
if your father and his pals

were boozing when you got home.
He might be smashed
and want to fight.

When you took your buddies home,
you saw how it looked in the window.

Or you heard a little from the street,
'cause we lived on the bottom.

Then you listened in the hallway,
if it was quiet you went in.

I never got a key until he died.
So you saw how he looked
and maybe he'd start fighting.

Once he left two bits on the table
for me as an allowance.

It was a Friday.
When I got home I took it
and bought some candy.

Yeah, and when I was outside
he yelled: "Get up here!"

I didn't understand
what the hell I'd done.

When I got in, he asked me
why the hell I'd taken it.