Dom kallar oss mods

because they didn't want
the responsibility.

They just sit there
with their salary,

and shove the papers
into the waste basket.

That's the only thing
they care about, those socialists.

Boy, the tail here's too much.
They're cool.
But they won't let you alone.
I've got my chicks,
4 or 5, that's enough.
One in Skövde, one in...

Well, you can always ride out
and get some ass.

-Live like a king.
-Like a cock.

-A big tool.

Crazy, man.
Screw it if some broad
doesn't like us.

It's our own bag,
but it turns them on.

So you bum a cigarette,
and then you split.

They'll come back.
Let's go and get some malt.
Yeah, we've had some blasts.
Come summer, we'll bomb every day.
-Yeah, and bomb too.