Dom kallar oss mods

What's that?
One puts one's penis in the vagina.
-Rocket in the pocket, huh?

You gotta run around a little.
Imagine banging the same box
for years.

Your ideal broad?
Like Brigitte Bardot, only better.
Mine should be blond with no skirt,
and have hemorrhoids,

so I have something to hold on to.
I want the clap
just like my brothers.

You've got no brains,
but I don't either.

Which broads do you like least?
The little ones.
Yeah, in sewing class.
They've got to be 17-18,
and put their legs
behind their neck in bed.

They've gotta know yoga.
My favourite chicks are
between 25 and 30.

Between 90 and death.
-Shut up. Between 25...
-And rich too.

Yeah, and they say:
"Here's your porridge, dear."

Hell no! I'll always be a bachelor.
Here little girl, may I pump you?

I wonder how many kids I have here.
A lot, but I've never seen them,

Life goes on.