Dom kallar oss mods

Explain now.
One day you say you like me,
the next, you ignore me.

You only think so...
Like when we were out last Friday
or whenever it was.

-You were with Henry...

You were
with Lena or somebody and...

-It was Gunilla!
-Don't scream.

Anyway, I wanted to talk with you.
But you didn't want to, I figured.
But let's forget about
what's happened and start over.

Let's just talk about it
some other time.

Wouldn't that be fun?
In summer,
we can run around in town.

Go here and there, your place
sometimes, or ours maybe.

And Kenta must come sometimes.
I don't know what he's doing, but...
It would be fun, anyway.
Don't you think so?
'Cause you like me a little.
I like you a lot.