Dom kallar oss mods

My mom read my
diary to the councellor.

And it said:
"This evening Mona, Lena, Zigge
and I are going out.

Then we got drunk on beer.
When we got there,
we bought hash off Bosse.

We got a gigantic high.
Then the others went to a party.

Lena, Bosse and I were so high
we just sat there.

Stoffe and Kenta were playing."
They opened Zigge's diary, too.
It said: "Agneta and I were alone
at my place.

Fille, Putte and Lisa came.
We smoked hash.

Then we invited Kenta and Stoffe.
Midnight, they called
and invited us there instead.

We smoked hash at their place.
We stayed the night and Agneta's
and my mom went out looking for us.

They said we got kicked out.