Dom kallar oss mods

Remember that great fiasco, Stoffe?
-In VäIlingby.

Harmonica, nothing was tuned.
When it was our turn, Ricke said:
"Here come the greatest!"

But we sat inside playing...
He called for us and everybody
got curious.

Finally, they got us up there
and the guitar, vong!

-It's all screwed up!
-I'd forgotten to plug it in.

At last, we got off alright.
Our fans...
...they're good.
We get so much from them.

Money and beer. That's what I like.
What else do we get off them?
Sometimes they satisfy us.
But only the president of our
fan-club can come and focky-focky.

The rest are only cross-eyed
and toothless.

"Play for us." You can't have
that kind of fans.

I never wave at chicks.
No, you get punched.
Like from my pa.

He was a fan of mine.
Knocked me into the wall, he did.