Air-call number JYG 176542.
Mr. Buckman took off
from Houston at 10:22,

destination the Bahamas.
That should put him
about halfway there.

Of course it's emergency priority. Would
I call you if it was anything else?

Happy New Year, Irene.
Yeah. Calhoun number 5,

Any field closer than Houston
can take the Jet Star?

No. Bring 'em back here.
Well, put away your little
whistle, Georgie, and load up.

- Yes, ma'am.
- Hello?

Yes, Irene.
Oh. Well,
hold on a minute.

Bill, what's the flying time
back to Houston?

Ed Calhoun's number 5.
Eighty-eight minutes,

Well, turn around easy.
We wouldn't wanna scatter
Mr. Lomax's winnings.

Irene, you can have the copter
pick me up in an hour and a half.

And a Happy New Year
to you too.

Sorry, folks.
We'll try again next year.

Oh, don't apologize. This is
better than gambling in the Bahamas.

Yeah, Irene.
Okay. I'm on the way.
And, uh, Happy New Year
to ya.

Bueno. Acapulco Plaza.
No, I'm sorry. Mr. Gregory Parker
is not in his room,

and he does not answer
the page.

Do you have
a Dolores Juarez registered?

How 'bout Lupe Estaban?
Yolanda Rodriquez?
Si. Un momento.