They find me.
- You know what that was all about?
- No, what?

He was lonely.
- Know what, Dan?
- What?

I got a lousy feeling our time is running out.
It's funny.
I was just thinking about
Russell and that turkey.

- Car one-twelve, car one-twelve?
- That's us.

Maybe it's something.
One-twelve to central.
One-twelve to central, K.

Respond to the southeast corner
of 104th Street and Broadway.

104th Street and Broadway.
See the complainant at luncheonette.

One-twelve to central. 10-4.
- Is there anything else, Commissioner?
- No, thank you, Marvin.

- Oh, good morning. Morning, Tony.
- Charley.

This morning's case sheet.
Two bad knifings and a homicide in Brooklyn.

- Not good.
- No.

- Is the homicide a gang thing?
- Yes. It looks like that.

A jurisdictional dispute. There'll be more.
Be nice if they killed each other off.

- Anything new on Benesch?
- No. When it breaks, it'll break fast.

Bowler and Silvers, on the Taylor case,
I just had them in this morning.

Went over it thoroughly, they're clean.
They did their duty and nothing more.

I'll stake my reputation on it.
- Well, that's that.
- No...

We've still got to tell Dr Taylor something.
That poor boy of his is precious to him.