Where Angels Go, Trouble Follows

You haven't expressed your feelings
about the rally.

Let's say I'm trying to keep an open mind,
although I do have reservations.

It is a long trip. 3,000 miles by bus.
That's not what I meant, Your Excellency.
Now that you mention it, if we go to a rally...
couldn't we go to one closer to home?
That's not a bad thought.
Perhaps you and Sister George
can organize one in this area.

That's not what I meant, either.
Of course, I realize that
there isn't much time in which to prepare...

for such a long journey.
You may not be able to cope with it.

Anyone who's coped with adolescent girls...
for 20 years and survived
can cope with anything.

Splendid. Then it's all settled.
- What's settled?
- That you're going to the rally.

- That isn't what I said, Your Excellency.
- You'd rather Sister George took the girls?

I should say not. That bus doesn't leave
with my girls unless I'm on it.

Then it is all settled.
You're making the trip, too.

No. You see, I was trying...
You trapped me, Your Excellency.
If I did, it'll be the first time
I've been able to beat you at your own game.

Put aside your reservations, Mother.
I'm sure you're going to enjoy
every minute of it.

- I doubt it, but I'll try.
- I envy you.

It's going to be a wonderful experience.
We really should congratulate
Sister George...

for suggesting that St. Francis
participate in the rally.

Yes, of course, Your Excellency.
We need Sister George, Mother.
She's a dynamic force.

But she does need direction.
And with your help,
she'll make an important contribution.

You've been very patient with her,
and I know it's been trying.

In fact, sometimes I wonder
how you've been able to take it.

I pray a lot.
Well, you couldn't find a better place
to pray in.

There's such serenity here. Such peace.
For these rare blessings,
we should give thanks to...