Where Angels Go, Trouble Follows

But, Daddy, it's only $150.
That's cheaper than sending me to camp.

And it's going to be very educational.
There'll be folksingers.

Folksingers aren't communists, Daddy.
Only those with beards!

"Agent 007's the greatest thing
since popcorn."

Full house.
We're taking reservations for Friday.

- That's not fair.
- So sue me.

- Pay up.
- Okay. I got it.

Turn it down!
Do you want to wake up the Gestapo?

- You gave me a Canadian dime.
- Tough.

It sure is, because if you don't pay up,
you're not going to get in anymore.

And if you don't stop bugging me,
I'll go to Reverend Mother...

and tell her you're having orgies
in the bathroom.

- How are you doing?
- $112.50 so far.

Not bad, since we've only been in business
for a few months.

That's more than half of what you need
to get you to the rally.

- You'll make it.
- Sure. All I have to do is get chosen.

Reverend Mother thinks
I'm the devil's disciple...

with homicidal tendencies
and overtones of psychotic neuroses.

Nobody's perfect.
- How's business?
- Just fair.

It's going to get worse.