Where Angels Go, Trouble Follows

What pea-brain pulled the plug?
As you're all such music lovers,
you'll be delighted to know...

that you're going to spend the next two
weekends cleaning out the music room.

Get Devon off the floor.
As for you two, I'll see you in the morning.
Boy, it's getting harder and harder
to make that dollar around this place.

And it's going to get even harder.
As of now, St. Francis-A-Go-Go
is out of business.

All right, girls, on the double!
Left, right, one, two.

- I'll die if I don't get chosen.
- Of course you'll get chosen.

And so will I. After all,
the qualifications are so elementary.

B average, good social attitude,
reasonable hygiene habits.

That takes care of me. I got a D average.
Reverend Mother says my attitude stinks,
and I'm a slob.

- Nobody's perfect.
- Hey, we'll be late for class.

Who wants to go
to a stinking rally anyways?

You're only saying that
because you're not going.

Shrivel up.
- And you're not going either.
- I'm straight A's, three years running.

- Grabs you, don't it?
- Not terribly.

Grades only count for so much.
You don't get points for blowing up the lab,
except from Sister George.

- I think I hate her.
- So why should you be an exception?