Where Angels Go, Trouble Follows

Let me, Mother, please.
- Little bird's got trouble.
- So help them, man. Help them.

You're sending loud and clear, baby.
Loud and clear.

But you're getting the wrong message.
Get back to the bus, girls.
Man, it's a penguin.
- Is she for real, man?
- So ask her, man.

You for real?
Yes, I'm for real.
Ain't you hot
in them weird black threads, lady?

No hotter than you are
in those weird black threads.

- You got a big mouth, lady.
- And you have a big knife.

But that doesn't necessarily
make you a big man.

- Cool it.
- What for, man?

Because I said so.
You shouldn't get him mad, lady.
I mean, he's a real bad boy.

Bad boys don't frighten me.
Especially when they have to carry knives
to give them courage.

- I bet you don't carry a knife.
- How would you know that, lady?