Cactus Flower

I can't tell you
how good that makes me feel.

- I made your day?
- You see, Mrs. Winston...

Call me Stephanie.
After all,
I won't be Mrs. Winston much longer.

- Then you do mind?
- Of course not.

Things between the doctor and me
have become impossible.

I can't tell you
how good that makes me feel.

I'm glad.
May I ask you a question?
Are you absolutely sure
that you love Julian?

- Do I love him?
- Do you?

Madly. Wildly. Desperately.
As long as you're fond of him.
I don't want him to end up unhappy.

I understand, especially after he had
such a terrible marriage.

It was not so terrible.
Our marriage lasted ten years and we...

I notice you're not wearing a ring.
Well, when something is over, it's over.
I just hope that you have better luck
with Julian than I did.

I'm sure I will.
There's one thing that's bothering me...

I'll be happy to play this for you,
if you'll just come...

- Who's going to tell the children?
- The children?

It's going to be tough explaining
a horrible thing to three young children.

Three. We have to tell them.
Well, I'll tell them.
Julian is no good at that sort of thing.

- How will they take it?
- They'll get used to it.

Now I'll be able to devote myself to them

I've been busy helping Julian
with his work.

- Of course, he does have a nurse.
- Yes. I hear Miss Dickinson is marvellous.

She is.