Castle Keep

We came to the wrong war.
If we harness that mother,
he'll pull us to maldorais.

Easily. Maldorais is just there,
beyond the hill.

I see sainte-croix on the map.
I don't see maldorais.

Because maldorais is not a village.
It is a castle.
- A castle?
- Oh, we're gonna barrack in a castle.

It is my castle.
We're going to barrack
in your castle.

The germans did the same.
We're americans.
I am henri tixier,
comte de maldorais.

- Captain beckman.
- Lionel beckman, the art historian.

Castles interest him.
And this is major...
falconer. Let's go.
Keen horse you got there,
mr. Tixier.

Thank you.
The germans had no negro.
These kind gentlemen rescued me
from a slaver off of santo domingo.

Went down with all hands.
They thought they could
learn swahili from me.

Private benjamin wants to be a writer,
so he talks like a writer.

He thinks the war was invented
so he could write a book about it.

Yes, it is maldorais.
Hey, how long was
the hundred years' war?

Exactly 215 years.
There are rooms off the great hall.