Castle Keep

There's one way to calm the situation
down: Go to bed with a woman.

- Afterwards, i can concentrate.
- Ever occur to you there's a war on?

Easy, lieutenant.
I'll take care of everything.

I've told alistair how to write a book...
...and beckman where to hide a statue.
- Where's elk?

Now i've gotta tell falconer
how to win a war.

You're hit again, clearboy.
You better get back to the castle.
Go down that column of roses
and across the moat.

- Yes, sir.
- Can you make her?

No. I can't swim, sir.
Can you, rossi?
If i have to.
Look, i'll swim the moat,
drop the drawbridge, you dash in.

We'll cover you.
Keep your helmet on so the americans
in the castle can see you're one of us.

Get going.
- Take the bread.
- All right, get going.

One thing, lieutenant:
If i were to get badly hurt or even
killed, what would the report say?

- "Killed crossing a moat"?
- You won't get killed.

- The report will say you took a castle.
- To get wine for the bread.

Clearboy, in minutes now,
rossi will swim the moat.

He'll scale the chain, lower the
drawbridge and we'll cross it to safety.

The castle's rescued us. Right?
- Lf it'll make you feel any better.
- I don't need your crap, clearboy.

Very well, lieutenant.
- Does it hurt real bad?
- Yes, sir.

It should just be a minute now.
Lieutenant, they tell me
you're a goddamn preacher.