I like to hear it every night, sir.
I like t'names.

So you thought you'd enlighten me and
the class with your idiotic information?

- No, sir.
- Making a mess of my register.

- lt just came out.
- And so did you, Casper.

Just come out from under a stone.
I said, quiet!
ls anyone else absent
besides Bridges and Fisher?

Any girls?
Right. Now, then,
it's time you were off to assembly.

One row at a time. This one, stand.
Move forward.
Pamela, you're talking. Cut it out.
- Billy, what do yer mean, Germans bite?
- I'm sick of hearin' about "Germans bite"!

- Are yer comin' nestin' tomorrow?
- Ar.

- What time?
- About six.

Don't be late.
- Coming, Guth?
- Where?

- Nestin'.
- When?

- Tomorrow.
- What time?

- About six.
- Can't. Takin' t'girlfriend to Sheffield.


What do you want
at this time in the morning?

Get your Mac up.
Hey, he's fast asleep.
I can't get him up at this time.

- Just get him up for me.
- His father, he'll be down to yer.

I'm not bothered about his father.
I want your MacDowall.

- Bugger off, you little sod!
- Get him up, will yer?

- I'm not gettin' him up.
- He said I had to get him up.

He's fast asleep and he's not goin',
so just get off with yer.