- What's tha got this for? Tha can't read.
- Give us it here.

Get off! Falconry?
What's tha want to know about falconry?

Give it here!
- Where've yer got this from?
- I've lent it.

Stole it, more like.
Where've yer got it from?

A shop in town.
You must be crackers. I could understand
if it were money, but chuff me, not a book!

Have it!
Look what yer've done.
I'm lookin' after this book.

- And what better off will yer be?
- A lot. I'm gonna get a kestrel and train it.

Train it? Yer couldn't train a flea.
Anyway, where yer gonna get
a kestrel from?

- I know a nest.
- Yer don't.

- All right, then, I don't.
- Where?

- I'm not tellin'.
- I said, where?

- You're hurtin' me arm!
- Where, then?

Monastery Farm.
Yer could have broke me arm then.
I'll have to see about
goin' round there wi' me gun.

- I'll tell t'farmer on yer.
- Why? What's he got to do with it?

- He protects 'em.
- Protects 'em?

Hawks are a menace to farmers.
They eat all the poultry an' that.

Ar, I know. They dive down
onto t'cows and take 'em away.

- Funny bugger.
- Well, yer talk daft. They're only small.

They eat mice, insects,
and little birds sometimes.

Hope I'll be watchin' a bird tonight. She'll
not have feathers. Not all over, anyway.

- Have you had any tea yet, Billy?
- No.