Well, get some, then.
You where t'pantry is.

- How's yer horses gone on, Jud?
- Not bad. Two winners.

You haven't.
Might be gettin' tret tonight, then.

- Oh, somebody treats you every night.
- Shut it!

And don't you be comin' home
blind drunk again, Jud.

- Why? Are yer entertainin'?
- You're kiddin'.

lf I entertained as much as you,
I shall do all right, shan't I?

What tripe you've been
goin' out with lately. My God!

- Better'n that cripple you bring home.
- What cripple? Reg? He's not a cripple.

Will be if he comes in here tonight. At
least them I go out with are not tightfisted.

Who is? You chuck your bloody money
around like a Scotchman with no arms!

Have to use a spanner to get
a threepenny bit out of his hand.

Aye, because he's comin' wise to you.
Listen, what about him you're goin' wi'?
Tight as a camel's arse in a sandstorm.

Keep yer hand over yer mouth talkin'
about him, cos yer'll get into trouble.

- You're not too big for a hidin'.
- He can't do it.

Who can't? You might find that
he's bigger than what you think.

More chance of gettin' struck by lightnin'.
Shut yer face. I'm fed up of it. It's every
Saturday night. I get ready, you're at me.

And I always go out in
a bloomin' mess and all upset.

Gettin' too big for yer boots,
thinking you own t'house.

You don't own it yet, yer know.
- No. I will do one day, though, won't I?
- Over my dead body.

- That's what I says, I'll own it one day.
- I'm sick on it, Jud. I am, pig sick.

I work every day, and every Saturday
night I go for a drink and you upset me.

- I don't think I'll go, I'm that fed up.
- I'll not miss yer.

You'll not miss nowt, will you?
You'll be out there.

- Yeah.
- Aye.

By, what a smart-lookin' kid int' mirror.
Some bird's gonna be lucky tonight.

Listen to God's gift to woman.
Fancy buying me
a brandy and pep tonight?

Aye. Hope it keeps fine for yer.