and somebody to come home to yer,
and be lookin' after 'em.

- Like I look after you.
- Ar, but you're not married to me.

- Never mind. Giz a kiss.
- Don't be so damned daft!

- He's had too much ale again.
- I haven't.

- Yer have.
- I haven't.

Say, Mam, have you brought
that cripple wi' yer?

Keep it shut. Keep it shut.
Keep it shut, all right?
Say, did everybody hear
about him when he got married?

He got confetti on elastic.
That's how tightfisted he is.

lf he wants trouble, I'll give him trouble.
# Oh, along the road there lives
a guy l'd like you all to know

# He grew a great big marrow
for the little flower show

# He showed it to a lady
who lived just along the way

# And when she saw the size of it
he heard the lady say

# Ooohhh!
# What a beauty!
# Oh, I've never seen one
as big as that before

# Ooohhh!
# What a whopper!
# lt must be 18 inches long or more
# It's such a lovely colour,
it's nice and round and fat

# Whoever thought a marrow
could grow as big as that?

# Ooohhh!
# Oh, what a beauty
# I've never seen one as big as it before