Come on, boys, get ready!
Get ready now, you.
Skiving again, Guthrie.
No, sir. Mr Farthing
has been talking to me.

I'll bet that was stimulating
for him, wasn't it, lad?

- What does that mean, sir?
- The conversation. What do you think?

Does it mean "stimulate", sir?
Stimulating, you fool!
S-t-i-m-i-l-a-t-i-n-g. Stimulating.

Come on, get ready.
You're two weeks late already.

You three, get down,
before I come and put yer down.

Casper, what d'you think you're doing?
Get down. Why aren't you changed?

- I've no kit, sir.
- Casper, you make me sick.

Every lesson it's the same old story,
"Please, sir, I've no kit, sir."

Every lesson for four years, you've
begged, borrowed, skived and scrounged.

Why is it, Casper, when all this lot
can provide kit, you can't?

Don't know. Me mam says
it's a waste of money now I'm leavin'.

You haven't been leaving
the past four years, have you?

No, sir.
- Use your spending money.
- Don't like football, sir.

- What's that got to do with it, Casper?
- Don't know.

- Anyway, I don't get enough.
- Get a job, then, lad. Get a job.

- I've got one, sir.
- They pay you, don't they?

Yeah, but I have to give it to me mam.
I'm payin' me fines, like...

You should keep out of trouble, lad!
Keep out of trouble.

- I haven't bin in trouble since last time.
- I'll get you some kit, Casper.

- Tha's had it now, Casper.
- Shut thi mouth!

Right, Casper. Get into those.

- They'll not fit me.
- You can get into them, can't you?

Yes, sir.
They'll keep your cobblers warm, Casper.
- Take your vest and underpants off.
- Don't wear 'em, sir.