- Shall I take it, sir?
- I take the penalties on this team.

No one moves till this ball's kicked.
Just watch this, Guthrie. Right, Clegg?
You moved. You moved. Put it back.

Behind the 18-yard line.
Tha better save it, Cleggy!
Else I'll drop tha.

- He moved!
- I didn't move, sir.

The referee's decision is final.
- You should have done it the first time.
- And that, boys, is how to take a penalty.

Look one way and kick the other.
Come on, Tibbut, lad.
And Bobby Charlton has
equalised for Manchester United,

and the score is one goal each.
That fat twat!
He wants bleedin' milkin'. That big fat git!

What did you say? What did you say?
- Nowt, sir.
- Get off! In that changin' room! Get off!

- I didn't say nowt, sir.
- Off!

- I won't tolerate that on a football pitch.
- That's our captain, sir.

I don't care who he is.
You play this game like gentlemen.

Right inside!
An early bath for you, lad.