Agh! Sir! It's gone cold!
Got a sweat on, Casper? I thought you
might need a cooler after your exertions.

It's not right, sir. I'll catch me death
of cold in here. It's not right.

Was it right when you
let that goal in deliberately?

- Can't we go for us dinners?
- No, you can stay there.

- We're servers.
- I don't care. They can serve themselves.

You shouldn't put me in goal.
You know I'm useless.

Now's your chance to learn.
Shall we let him out, sir?
He'll catch his death of cold.

- He'll catch pneumonia.
- I don't care what he gets.

lf he thinks I'm running
my blood to water for 90 minutes,

for him to deliberately throw the game
away, he's got another think coming.

Sir, we've got to go for us dinner.
- Get down!
- He looks like a bleedin' snake!

Think yourself lucky.