The Bible runs as little as $49.95,
and we have three plans on it.

Cash, C.O.D., and also they have
a little Catholic Honor Plan.

Which plan would be the best
for you, the ''A,'' ''B'' or ''C'' ?

- l'm really not interested unless
l speak it over with my husband.
- Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Yeah. You wouldn't want
to give him a surprise ?

Does he have a birthday coming up ?
It'd be a lovely gift.

That's true.
We place a tremendous--
The Bible is still the
best seller in the world, so--

I just couldn't afford it now.
We've been swamped with medical bills.
- [ Dog Barking ]
- Oh, hi, Mrs. Robb.

l'm Mr. McDevitt from the church.
How are you today ?

- Now, what is this ?
- From the church. Sunday.

No, l guess you've got me mistaken.
What name do you want ?

- ls this 59 West Fifth ?
- No. Across the street.

Oh, my gosh !
[ Barking Continues ]
And this is the ceiling.
The crowd, they claim--

l don't know exactly--
but 30,000 or more attend one mass.

- They pray in St. Peter's.
- ln St. Peter's ?

Right in the Vatican.

- l didn't know that myself.
- l didn't either.

Uh, you're Italian,
aren't you, Mrs. Imperato ?
The guards are not Italian.

- They're Swiss. Did you know why ?
- Yes, that l know.

l never knew this.
They're six feet.

See, they're taller
than the ltalian folks.

Usually-- l mean, see, they're six feet.
Now, here's something nice--

A lot of people, they like,
to be frank, the print.

lt's large. lt's a ten-point register.
lsn't that somethin' ?

Good night now,
and thanks for the order.

[ Dog Barking ]