Women in Love

-Hello, Mom.
-Oh, you!

We're go!ng to see that wedd!ng.
But you haven't been home f!ve m!nutes.
You don't have a wedd!ng every day,
do you?

Now look, Gudrun,
your Aunt Jess!e's com!ng to lunch.

You haven't seen her for two years.
Now, why don't you stay?

Two more days won't make
much d!fference, w!ll !t? Come on.

lt's a Cr!ch wedd!ng, Mom.
Do you really not want to get marr!ed?
-l don't know. lt depends how you mean.
-lt usually means one th!ng.

Wouldn't you be !n a better pos!t!on
!f you were marr!ed?

l m!ght be. l'm not sure, really.
You don't th!nk one needs the exper!ence
of hav!ng been marr!ed?

Gudrun, do you really th!nk
!t need be an exper!ence?

lt's bound to be poss!bly undes!rable,
but st!ll an exper!ence of some sort.

Not really.
More l!kely to be the end of exper!ence.

-Good morn!ng, M!ss Brangwen.
-Good morn!ng.

Yes, of course, there !s that to cons!der.