One can prevent mildew
by spraying with copper sulfate.
There are 2 classic solutions used,
one from Bordeaux,
the other from Burgundy.

Burgundy being a region in France
which is reputed for its wine.
Three sprayings a year are required.
The first when the shoots reach
two or three centimetres long,
the second just before or after
the flowering,

and the third a month later.
The treatment is preventative
and must not be neglected.
Gentlemen, I'll finish my speech
on mildew prevention.

I remind you
that as in previous years,

airplanes and flyers will be placed
at your disposal
to remind the farmers that mildew,

a disease that destroys vines,
appeared simultaneously

with that other ideological disease
which has devastated men.

But the Chief of Police
will develop this point.

Any similarity to actual persons
or events is deliberate

As the Under-secretary
of Agriculture said,

3 treatments are necessary.
An ideological illness
is like mildew

and requires preventive measures.
Like mildew,
it is due
to septic germs