now you're an authority
on snow clearance?

VERNON: l call them
as l see them.

MEL: You need an eye check.
Clearing those runways and
taxiways is the equivalent...

of 700 miles
of two-lane highway.

And l'll bet you measured every
foot of it all by yourself.

We've had 10 inches
of snow in 24 hours.

Anchorage had twice as much,
and they're clean.

They've got twice
the equipment.

Then get some more.
This isn't Alaska.
You don't spend $2 million...

for machinery you'd use
once in 10 years.

You buy for average snowfall.
ln an emergency,
you work around the clock.

Sitting behind that desk,
you think like a bookkeeper.

l didn't always fly a desk.
All right, Daddy, tell me all
about when you were a war hero.

You flew pursuit
and could land in a parking lot.

When l'm setting down
over 200,000 pounds of 707,

l want something under my wheels
that's plenty long and dry.

MEL: lt'll be dry tonight,
but not too long.

29 is closed.
The pilot from your flight made
a shortcut across the field.

He didn't make it.
What are you doing?
When the snow melts,
we'll get it out.

What do you think l'm doing?!
Now, stop that, both of you!
lt's a waste of time arguing
with a penguin. Good-bye.

Have a good flight.
What should l bring you
from Rome?

Just yourself.
lf you have time,
l could use some white gloves.

Size 6 1/2, right?
l'm the one who wears
size 7 1/2.

Hey, that's a good idea, Mel--
using little old ladies
for skycaps.

You're doing a good job.
SlSTER: Mel.
For my sake,
be patient with him, hmm?

How can you live with that
overage juvenile delinquent?