WOMAN: l'm so cold.
l'm terribly cold.

Put him on the walk-around.
l'm cutting off the oxygen.

All right.
You can breathe normally.
You can take off the masks.

Fasten your seat belts.
Fasten your seat belts.
Fasten your seat belts.
Stewardess, if there's any
brandy on board, pass it out.

NUN: Are you a doctor?
MAN: Yes, sister.

Press that hard.
DOCTOR: Are you all right?
-May l help you?
-l'm all right, thank you.

Take care of that man behind me.
-How is her pulse, sister?

l have some adrenaline syringes.
Would you prepare a shot?

MAN: Will it hold?
SECOND MAN: After l get
this blanket wedged in here.

As soon as they're patched up,
move them forward.

Stow the center armrests.
Put four people in three seats.

Go ahead.
The hole's about
three to four feet.

What about control surfaces?
Can you see anything?

Possible damage to rudder power,
and it looks like
we have stabilizer problems.

Most of the glass, thank God,
went sideways.

Can we stay in the air an hour?