Amerikanische Soldat, Der

He tells her he doesn't have
a place to stay,

so Emmy says
he can go to her place.

He goes to her place,
and he sleeps with her,

and a few days later ...
he suggests they get married.
And so they got married.
Suddenly Emmy was all young again.
From behind, she looked about 30.
For six months they lived madly
and were incredibly happy.

Life was one round of parties.
Then one day,
Emmy was found dead, murdered,

with the marks of a signet ring
on her throat.

The police arrested her husband.
His name was Ali, and there had
been a letter A on the ring.

But he said he had
lots of friends named Ali,

and they all had a signet ring.
They interrogated every Turk
in Hamburg called Ali.

A lot had returned to Turkey,
and the others didn't understand.

Magdalena Fuller.
And what about the money?