Beneath the Planet of the Apes

''Beware the beast man,
for he is the devil's pawn.''

''Alone among God's primates,
he kills for sport or lust or greed.''

''Yea, he will murder his brother
to possess his brother's land.''

''Let him not breed in great numbers,
for he will make a desert
of his home, and yours.''

''Shun him... for he is the harbinger of death.''
- Where will you go?
- Follow the shoreline.

Don't try to follow us.
l'm pretty handy with this.

Of that l'm sure.
All my life l've awaited your coming
and dreaded it.

You're afraid of me and you hate me. Why?
The forbidden zone was once a paradise.
Your breed made a desert of it ages ago.
lt still doesn't give me the why.
A planet where apes evolved from men.
There's gotta be an answer.
Don't look for it, Taylor.
You may not like what you find.
Zira. Cornelius. Untie me.