Beneath the Planet of the Apes

The unknown.
lf l had any proper sense
of scientific purpose, Cornelius,

l shouldn't cut up
the healthy heads of humans.

l should dissect the diseased brains
of gorillas to find out what went wrong.

And how would you put it right?
l'd wet-nurse their babies
on the milk of chimpanzees.

The milk of kindness.
At least our child when it's born
won't be breast-fed on bile.

You know, my dear,
the trouble with us intellectuals

is that we have responsibilities
and no power.

l think l'll make a chocolate icing.
Do you like chocolate?

- What, dear?
- No, no, no. Of course you don't.

- But l do.
- lfwe had that power here in our hands,

we'd be worse than them.
l don't agree.
Gorillas are cruel because they're stupid.

- All bone and no brain.
- Zira, my dear,

l wish you would not talk like that.
Somebody is liable to hear you.
- Nova!
- What are you doing here?

No, not Taylor. My name's Brent.
You talked.
That's impossible.
ln a whole lifetime devoted
to the scientific study of humans,

l've only found one other who could talk.
- Yes. Taylor.
- Taylor. ls he alive? Have you seen him?

- Where? Where? Tell us.
- Where? Where? l don't know where.

l'm trying to find him.