- What is it?
- Chocolate-covered cotton.

- Are you crazy?
- No good?

You didn't take the seeds out!
- Is it really that bad?
- It's... it's cotton!

- They've got to learn to like it.
- Why?

I saw a chance to corner the market
in cotton. I didn't know there'd be a glut.

I've got warehouses full of it
all over Europe. I can't get rid of it.

People eat cotton candy. This is better,
it's made out of real cotton.

- People can't eat cotton!
- They've got to. It's for the Syndicate.

It will make them sick.
Try it yourself if you don't believe me.

I did, and it made me sick.
Look. Looks like a funeral.
They're burying the kid
that got killed in my plane.

- What happened to him?
- He got killed.

- What?
- I said he got killed.

I'm sorry.
- He was your friend?
- Maybe. I don't know.

- He was very old.
- But he was a boy.

Well, he died. You don't get
any older than that.

- Where do you work?
- I'm not a whore.

I didn't say you were.
- I work in big American company.
- Me, too!

You want to see me again? Why?
Why not?
You think I'm beautiful?
- I think you're perfect.
- That's not true.

- It is true.
- No.

See this?
Jesus, how did you?