And, in my opinion, it is long overdue.
l will not have such talk in my house.
lt is common enough talk
these days, l fear.

Then it is treasonable talk!
And l will not have it in my house!

l mark the time
when you were against the king.

There is much in this
king that offends me.

Yet l would not take up arms against
him, and l"d oppose any move to do so.

ln such a cause,
our swords will be in God"s hands.

Every man who wages war
believes God is on his side.

l warrant God should often wonder
who is on his. Good evening, sir.

lf l gave you offence,
l beg your pardon.

You"re a young man. lt"s fitting a young
man should want to change the world.

Not the world, sir.
Only England.

With a civil war.
-Good evening, Mrs. Cromwell.
-Good evening.

l"ll get your cloak, Mr. lreton.
l hope you"ll forgive him.
Goodbye, John.
God be with you, Oliver.
You"ve no right to do this.
Leave them animals be.

This is the common land.
Any man who raises a hand against
the king"s men will be arrested.

You have no right to do this.
This land is ours.

-Now it"s the earl of Manchester"s.
-By whose authority?

-By the authority of the king.
-Then l say the king is a thief!

You"re under arrest.
Take him away!

Release that man!
-Who are you?
-This man works for me.

l will take full responsibility.
He"s spoken treason against the king.
Will you take responsibility for that?