Cry of the Banshee

Take your time, boy.
Say something nice to the kind gentleman.

Don't need to be afraid of him.
He's as gentle as a lamb.

We'll be more gentle to him
than those who strung him up there.

Now, for after that bit of kindness...
you can show us a bit of gratitude.
Who'd have use for a dead man's hand,
Mr. Mickey, sir?

Witches, my boy.
There's evil around.
There goes more of those damn Whitmans.
Mark my word, boy...
there's gonna be
more evil around this place.

I take it you'd prefer
still to be in Cambridge.

Father, I'd never come home out of choice.
Welcome home, Harry!
Father's upstairs.
Welcome home, Lord Harry.
It's good to have you back again, sir.

My, you are looking well.
- This the new priest for the parish?
- Aye!

Father Tom, my brother, Sean.
- Your predecessor lived to be 50.
- 56.

Call me a liar for six years.
Let's try some of father's whiskey.