Five Easy Pieces

- You're leaving.
- Yeah.

I said a week.
I think I overstayed myself.

You were going without
saying good-bye to me.

I didn't want to say good-bye
to anyone.

What about me?
I'll say good-bye to you, Tita.
Watch the birdie!
- Bye.
- Bye.

- Come on.
- Wait a sec.

I want Tita to take a picture
of you and me in front of the place.

I never got to thank you all
for your hospitality.

Tell Carl, if any of you want to come
to our place, you're more than welcome.

Bye, now.
Your kiss is like a drink
When I am thirsty
Oh, and I'm thirsty
For you
With all my heart
But don 't love me
then pretend

As though
we've never even kissed

Don't touch me