Giardino dei Finzi-Contini, Il

- Do you know Micol too?
- No. What's she like?

Very beautiful: tall, blond...
but unpredictable.
That way!
Here we are!
Come on, Alberto.
They're here!

You lunatic-- I'll fall!
There's our Micol!
There she is!

My brother and I decided
to hold our own tournament here...

since the club's put us out.
- It may even be more fun!
- It's lovely!

Like the country!
Sorry that the court looks like
an old potato field.

It needs a red clay top
and deeper backspaces.

But to Papa, any land left uncultivated
seems a total waste.

But next year maybe!
Excuse me.
You haven't met Adriana Trentini.

Carletto Sani.
And Tonino Collevatti.
- Want to change?
- Are we playing or not?