Giardino dei Finzi-Contini, Il

Don't laugh, stupid!
You'll have to quit school.

Come on!
You may clear.
I forgot to add:
no more domestiques...

of the racearyenne.
No more domestiques ?
- Apparently.
- How will we manage?

We'll manage.
We'll manage somehow.

- May I?
- Yes, Father.

What is that?
"" 1 9th-Century Europe""
Is it interesting?

- Quite.
- Let me read it after you.

Look, I understand how you feel,
but you have to admit...

we're not so badly off here.
Granted: no more mixed marriages.
That's actually not too--
No phone listings,
no public schools...

and that, I must agree, is serious.
So is being barred
from the armed forces.

No obituaries in the newspapers...
and now, no servants.
But apart from that...
you'll admit we can still live,
move about, own property.

- In effect, be a citizen.
- Third-class.

Third-class, if you will,
but still a citizen who can...

enjoy his basic rights.